US Congresswoman Proposes Tight Viagra Restrictions

ViagraA congresswoman in the US has proposed tight restrictions on Viagra, which would make the drug available only to married men who have permission from their wives. However, Democrat representative Mary Lou Marzian has not proposed the tight restrictions with the intent of pushing them into law, but rather as a process to highlight “intrusive and ridiculous” attempts at reforming abortion law in the US.

If Marzian’s proposals were to become law, they would restrict prescriptions for erectile dysfunction to married men only. Men would also have to have a signed, dated letter from their spouse giving permission for them to use the drug, and would have to make at least two visits to their doctor before drugs could be prescribed. On top of this, before receiving their medicine a man would have to “make a sworn statement with his hand on the bible that he will only use [the medicine] when having sexual relations with his current spouse.”

These changes mirror various reforms that have been passed, proposed, or campaigned for in order to tighten abortion laws in the US and its various states. Marzian, who is also a registered nurse, explained: “My point is to illustrate how intrusive and ridiculous it is for elected officials to be inserting themselves into private and personal medical decisions.” Speaking to her local paper, she says that she does not think the bill is going to make much progress towards becoming law, but she feels that it is important to make a point. Her proposals would represent lawmakers telling men what they can and cannot do with their bodies, and she says that she aims to highlight how ridiculous it is that lawmakers are already doing the same thing to women.

Marzian plans to put a further bill forward which, if passed, would require people who wish to buy firearms meet with gun violence victims for counselling 24 hours before making their purchase. This bill, also intended to make a point, mirrors a law that was recently signed by Republican and Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, which requires women to meet with a doctor for counselling 24 hours before having an abortion. Mr Bevin has also recently passed a law which prevents women from going ahead with an abortion until they have seen images of the foetus and listened to its heartbeat.

Regarding her upcoming proposal on firearms purchases, Marzian said: “I’m just making sure the government is taking care of your safety.”

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